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Partner and Sponsor: Jan & Feb, 2013

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Wildlife Alliance

Wildlife Alliance

Wildlife Alliance Organization, which is very supportive and motivating to the organizing team having presence as honorable speakers to all our past events: workshop and plant tree activity on Jan 22 2013 at University of Puthisastra and workshop on Feb 28 2013 at YRDP.

Wildlife Alliance focuses on direct action on the ground to work towards habitat preservation, environmental conservation, and poverty alleviation. Wildlife Alliance takes a comprehensive, holistic approach to combatting the drivers of environmental destruction in the tropical belt. Wildlife Alliance’s forest programs tackles forest degradation and diminishing biodiversity in the wild; Wildlife Alliance ‘s community programs empower local people towards sustainable practices and incomes; Wildlife Alliance’s wildlife programs protect and care for endangered and trafficked animals; Wildlife Alliance’s education programs help bolster Wildlife Alliance’s conservation work in the long term; Wildlife Alliance ‘s advocacy programs coordinate the efforts with policy and decision makers both nationally and internationally.

Since Wildlife Alliance began its life in 1994 as the Global Survival Network, the organization has worked with local governments, communities, and other non-governmental organizations to implement cutting-edge conservation programs in Southeast Asia, Russia, South America, and the Western Pacific.

These programs aim to protect the rainforest, preserve the watershed, and stop the illegal wildlife trade through direct action on the ground.


Amret Co., Ltd


Amret Co., Ltd’s kindness sponsoring fee to our workshop which showed a responsibility to Green social issue and encouragement to Cambodian youth to involve more in making positive impacts in Cambodia especially on deforestation issue protection.

Amret is a leading micro-finance institution in Cambodia with strong support and belief from national and international institutions and its clients. In responding to the demand of various micro-finance services, Amret has developed many kinds of financial products and service, especially small-scale loan for people in the rural areas and medium scale loan for small and medium enterprises.

Moreover, Amret has developed other product and services such as: Deposit products and Inter Branch Money Transfer (Local Money Transfer) product in order to meet the need of people in cities and rural areas as well as provinces and capital of Cambodia.

Amret’s vision is to be an outstanding financial institution that improves the living standards of the population and contributes to the economic and social development of Cambodia. Its mission is to provide a wide range of financial services for low-income people as well as micro, small and medium enterprises – while at the same time achieving a high level of financial and social performance.

For more information, please go to:


Youth Resource Development Program


YRDP – Youth Resource Development Program providing a very big venue for the workshop and high encouragement to the team. YRDP envisions a just, peaceful and democratic society where youth are constructively playing a role as leaders in the development that is equitable and sustainable.

Mission: to strengthen Cambodian youth by developing their social conscience and enabling them to take responsibility for their own future and the future of their family, society and country.

YRDP teaches university students to question the world around them; and gives them the confidence and tools they need to create a culture of peace, justice, and sustainable development in Cambodia for generations to come.

Since 1992 YRDP has helped over 36,000 young people harness their potential and become agents of change, by building their critical thinking skills and empowering them to participate in community development.

Through YRDP training programs students learn about human rights; peace building; gender equity; community development; and inter-faith and cross-cultural understanding. Students engage in public dialogue about issues of concern to them, through projects that focus on the Khmer Rouge Tribunal and promote transparency of revenue management from extractive industries in Cambodia, among others.

Students are also encouraged to apply and share their knowledge by forming volunteer youth clubs and implementing their own community development initiatives in urban and rural areas, with YRDP support.


Writing Alliance

Writing Alliance

Writing Alliance (WA), which is very supportive in helping our workshop media exposed and designing our promotional materials.

It is an independent student-run association embodying many young-Cambodian columnists from various backgrounds founded in January 2011 in Phnom Penh.

WA establishes the Alliance with a resilient endeavor to blossom Cambodian society through numerous fields’ comprehension advancement and value enhancement.

WA works very closely with and pay more attentions to the backbone of our society-the youth.

With the solid effort of our members, WA has magnificently hosted workshops and lectures on writing effective resume, cover letter, thank-you letter, report, and newspaper article to many potential students.
With the unique solidarity of its team, WA has successfully launched website ( on August 8, 2012 to share our extraordinary readers all useful, most-updated, and trustworthy information which could significantly
contribute to their wonderful way of life.
For more information, please visit or contact at


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