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About Project


Plant More Tree Project is one of the projects in AIESEC NUM and UP, aims to provide platforms and opportunity for Cambodian youth to protect deforestation issue in Cambodia by involving more in promote self awareness in the field and especially take immediate actions to prevent it.

Forestry Overview

“Cambodia has one of the worst deforestation rates in the world. Since 1970, Cambodia’s primary rainforest cover went from over 70 percent in 1970 to 3.1 percent today. The overall rate of total forest loss has jumped nearly 75 percent since the close of the 1990s. Today less than 322,000 hectares of primary forest remain.”

“Cambodia is home to some 521 species of birds, 127 mammals, and 116 reptiles; although recent census counts indicate that some species are locally extinct in the country. Deforestation in Cambodia also results from subsistence activities, notably the collection of fuel wood and clearing for agriculture. The hunting of wildlife as bush meat is widespread in the country, while mining for gold, bauxite, and iron is increasingly a threat to Cambodia’s forests as well.”

Plant More Tree Project

As rampant and unchecked deforestation pose more and more risks to the environment and to the state of forestry in Cambodia, therein grows an increased chance that the Youth of the future would one day grow up never getting to see fresh, untamed forests, experience the fresh scent of healthy trees, and enjoy the verdant splendor of nature that accompanies a healthy ecosystem. As we lose our forests, we also lose precious animal species, some never known to Man; we also plunge deeper in Global Warming, a hole we dig for ourselves that we may one day never be able to climb out from again.

Possessed by a need to educate as well as a need to warn, we initiated this project to instill in our Youth a Green Heart and a Green Mindset, by holding workshops and tree planting activities with our associates, all in a bid to spark off a Green Revolution in Cambodia. With this mindset, we want to foster a protective and caring attitude towards nature in our Future, and ensure that this positive attitude is passed down to generations to come.


  • To engage over 500 Cambodian youths into awareness of deforestation issues, natural resource depletion issues and other related issues.
  • To foster a healthy cultural sharing environment with Youths from other countries.
  • To give Cambodian youths Greener hearts – living in environmentally awareness through providing a global perspective, by understanding examples related to deforestation and other environmental issues, creating debate and discussion on these topics and ultimately giving them the impetus to act on them, to do what is right.

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